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I’m afraid this is an inside joke between me and some classmates…. BUT STILL! It is based off true events and I figured my followers could appreciate the idea of a sexist asshole getting hit in the eye with a tortilla chip <3

11:44 pm - Sat, Sep 20, 2014
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I just wanted to mention to you guys that I have some really really reeeaaaally sweet and amazing messages sitting in my inbox, some are very old and some are new. I feel very bad that I don’t answer them but I always feel like I just don’t have the right words to respond. It’s like I can’t properly explain how much the message means to me so it just sits there unanswered. And so I just wanted to say this, especially if you know you are someone who has sent a message and not gotten a response, I love your messages. They are so great, they cheer me up, I read them when I’m feeling down and I appreciate all of them, and all of you my followers, I love every single one of you!

I have especially needed these kind words lately, it’s been a very tough life for me these days, I don’t want to go into the details but I am just overwhelmed with life and all of you folks and your kind words really help me through it all. So, again, thank you!

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maria-ruta said: wow O_o it’s like different person! ohohohohoho!!!!

hehehehe yes! That is the point of a disguise of course~ ;] 

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I need to work on showcasing more of Wut’s powers….

this is one of them, basically he can alter his genetic makeup, changing the pigment of his hair, skin, and eyes, and also slightly altering his bone structure. he can’t change his physique though [with any supernatural ways that is], no getting shorter or taller, not any more or less lean than he is naturally. He uses this ability only for disguise if he has to. and of course he may do crazy colors for fun, like making himself red, pink, polka-dotted, whatever~ None of his tattoos are made with an ink gun, he creates them with this ability so he can choose to be covered in tats or have none at all. 

yippeeeeee Wut info~!

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this girl in my class, man

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my sketches are mESSY AS SHIT YOU GUYS

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How I plan to look in 2-ish years

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Sketches at school

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